Monday, September 11, 2006

Amelia Sofie aren’t Donald Trump

Seriously, Donald Trump and I are totally opposite. If I were him, I will fired Lenny. He’s doing nothing and as u can see he has contribute nothing twrds the task. At least, Charmaine and Tarek gave some ideas for the task. W/out Charmaine no lyrics at all . Same goes to Tarek; w/out his idea no song to be produced. If Lenny realize that something missed out during the task, he should’ve told the members. DT was so “bengong”. Ceh. He really wanted Bryce to bring Charmine and Tarek into the room. And still put the blame on the two of them for the task failure. huh. He preffered to let the employee that contribute nothing to be in his company rather than the employee that gave ideas and struggle harder to complete the giving task. I think it was a loss for DT for letting Bryce go. I can say Bryce was a good leader. it just he have to polish his leadership skills so he can be more professional. And at least, the task that he handled was going smooth without any arguments and unsatisfation feelings from the commity members. Anyway, lantak ko laa DT. It is your company. Not mine. hehe. erk. i think DT was so unsatisfied with Bryce becoz of his mistake that is he late for 25 minutes during the appointment session with the executives.

owh, last friday I went to “Malam Sutera Kasih”. Actually it was arranged for those students who are taking subj ISLB 113 & 123. I’d took the subj previous sem but I just wanna join the crowd. And guess what? It was a very interesting and entertaining night. I’ve gain a lot of valuable knowledge. And I guess i should’ve gave them a thumbs up for their presentation and not forgotten for the amazing video clips. I’m impressed. It was a very touchy clips especially clips from Group 4 where they’d presented on the topic The Ideology of Yahudi (if I not mistaken). The doa really touch my heart and oh.. I do cry while watching those clips. It makes me realize that I should concern more about the world issues especially on the Muslims condition rite now rather than thinking about the ‘remeh-temeh’ thing.

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